The Book of Eli: For your Knowledge (Interesting)

I was exploring a blog (click here to see it) and in the comments I found this, and was not only super happy that someone decided to do the research I wanted to do, but really excited to see what it had to say, so enjoy!

  • Name “Eli” = Translates in literal definition the actual word, “God.” Therefore, the movie’s title literally is : The Book of God
  • Story of God’s promise of Restoration = Ultimate message; God will protect His Word and restore new covenants with his people which consistently happened time after time as man is so flawed and egotistical and ultimately filled with sin; God intervenes through events and people that are brought into our lives to minister us if we listen – key point: if we listen.
  • Eli = Which was his name as stated on his Bible copy; probably a reference to Paul or Saul of Tarsus – a Christian missionary who authored several books in the Bible; a masterful and proud teacher who received his call (or experienced a ‘conversion’) to follow Jesus as Messiah and take the gospel to the Gentiles; the blind messenger led by God to show he indeed literally “walks by faith and not by sight” which he wasn’t truly blind as Carnegie is shown at the end who was actually blind to the Word
  • Marvin Gaye song = I can think of younger days/When living for my life/Was everything a man could want to do/I could never see tomorrow/But I was never told about the sorrow/And how can you mend a broken heart?/How can you stop the rain from falling down?/How can you stop the sun from shining?/What makes the world go round? – Eli was blind which the song references (foreshadows this revelation at the end of the movie), as well as, referring to the creator via questions
  • Cats = Were believed to be agents of the devil, and to possess magical powers. Egyptian and Asian households worshiped as animal as being godlike; most likely why we see Eli’s first action in the movie slaughtering a cat since we see he could have easily eaten rodents and birds for survival
  • Carnegie = Most probably indicative of the evil of man who uses temptation to achieve his goals which is not unlike being led by the Devil; we are introduced to him as he is reading about Mussolini wearing a cross buried beneath gold medallions; representation of the ego of man who uses for personal gain which is not unlike a industrial/capitalistic/Marxist misuse of power by man to have control over other men by eliminating God’s gift of Free Will; a theory that seeks the eliminating the idea of private property in order to gain control of the economic “means of production” by stealing it; at the end people who once “were too scared to say his name” were now fighting against him
  • Claudia = Name first used in the New Testament – derived from Latin meaning “lame, crippled”; a very rare Christian name; I believe when Carnegie pushed the Bible to her it was opened within the New Testament possibly even at a point of the discussion of the Devil; Carnegie was crippling man who himself ended up crippled
  • Solara = Possibly to mirror Mary of Magdalene who was described as sinful woman and also identified as a repentant prostitute (Carnegie as her “pimp”) to which Jesus healed her/delivered her from evil spirits; she received truth directly from God and became a follower of God which again mirrors Solara seen walking the path of God at the end of the movie
  • Martha = Name from Aramaic meaning “lady, mistress”; she was the one to invite them in and offer them human flesh; cannibalism separates these people from their humanity
  • Religion = Stated to have been the reason people believed the war began in which all the Bibles were destroyed with purpose by burning.
  • Man = The basis of Original Sin; the ultimate determination of warfare not religion – as God gave us Free Will, we choose to meander off the path He lays for us time and time again; think of parenting: we know what can and eventually will happen even with the rules set out
  • The Bible/Christianity = Constantly under attack and through history and ultimately had to be protected as people sought to destroy it (i.e. the finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Qumran cave) – many times the Logos (or word) of God was taught verbally and re-written (the parchment, which was written on animal skin, sheep skin to be exact, and like all paper, it falls apart) a practice still done today in Jerusalem; the Bible went through many revisions and additions – new scrolls/books added over time Alcatraz = Genesis, the beginning; the island protected them from the cannibals in order to start the teachings from the old world, to teach the uneducated, to bring to light the beauty that existed and provided by the Lord; Eli and Solara were shown a structure that was “more than a museum” and that the “spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters” which is why God led Eli there
  • Printing Press = Changed the world in spreading the word of God; invented in the 15th Century, it was significantly cheaper than a handwritten Bible that could take a single monk 20 years to transcribe; the King James version was the first bible translation to be mass produced/published first edition in the 17th Century; ultimately the most printed book in the world
  • Cannibalism = barbarism; a sin from the 10 Commandments: thou shall not murder; Pagans, through a number of stories, involve cannibalism (i.e. Greek Mythology); historically, this act challenges what is or is not acceptable human behavior and is equated with evil and savagery; one could make a point that in the Christian tradition, cannibalism is believed to be undertaken in the form of communion and the Eucharist, however, this is used with bread and wine and not human flesh
  • Water = Baptism is the means of entry, and the defilement of human sin is removed as the initiate enters into communion with Christ’s act of salvation; Carnegie had control over many watering holes which show the control over Free Will – Paul had converted from Judaism to Christianity through baptism
  • Earth = The representation of barren salvation – “the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep”; once West you see that God has started restoration visually as the land shows new growth by green pastures; rich and full of color in contrast to the sepia tones that were used before they reached the West
  • Alcatraz Library = Held many books: “Saints on the Seas”, “A History of the Jews”, “The Torah”, “The Tanakh”, “The Holy Quran”, “Hymns of Praise, Numbers One and Two Combined”…I couldn’t make out others, however, I am positive that they would be history on these cultures and regardless Judaism, Catholicism and Muslim were the first religions of humanity that formed from the Word of God.”



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